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Missing Someone …

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Someone, who is closest to the heart,
If leaves us alone, it hurts.
Even though we don’t want,
The lips murmur some words to curse.
But the memory never subsides,
Both beautiful and sad moments comes beside.
On beautiful ones, the heart wants to live them again.
On sad ones, what comes again is pain.

Sunny, cloudy or be it rain,
Memory haunts and asks- “After losing her what did you gain?”
“Nothing, the answer is”, the soul says,
And never forgets to add- “You are crying for her and you say what did you gain?
Tears are dropping from my eyes like a chain,
Never ask this question again.”

“If anything is to be asked then it is only one
And is that how again can she come ?”
“And the answer to this is to Run, Run and Run,
Till the job is said to be done.”

Author- Apoorv Tomar
Edited by- QwertyThoughts Team
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