5 Things In A Woman That Are A Total Turn-Off For Men

All women are beautiful in their own special way, but there are a few things which can keep your favourite men away. These are not weird, they are natural, but very unwelcoming and thus unattractive.

Let’s keep in mind to take care of these things so that we don’t shoo away men, instead attract them.




1.Dry Lips

Dry lips are a strict no no when it comes to talking about turn-offs for men. Keep a chap stick or a balm handy to apply whenever you feel like licking your dry lips. Afterall, no one would like to kiss cracked lips.

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2. Bad Breath


Bad breath can not only keep your man away, but can distant all people around you. Keep your mouth fresh and cut down on the bacteria in your mouth by using a tongue scrapper while brushing. You can always keep a mouth freshener or chew a gum to avoid this.

5 Things In A Woman That Are A Total Turn-off For Mensource:

3. Loads Of Make-Up

Simplicity is divine. Most men would prefer women with less make up. If your partner cannot see you without the layers of make-up then he isn’t the right one for you. Avoid using to much on your face and try keeping it natural.

5 Things In A Woman That Are A Total Turn-off For Mensource:

4. Sweaty Armpits

Sweaty armpit stains can kill your overall look and take all the attention of the man there. Consider solutions for the same, wear clothes that don’t make the sweat patches too obvious, don’t apply too much deodorant or use an antiperspirant.

5 Things In A Woman That Are A Total Turn-off For Mensource:

5. Unkempt Hand and Toe Nails

Nails are an important part of your overall look. Who doesn’t like neat and clean hands and feet. You don’t have to spend money on manicures and pedicures, just moisturize them regularly and keep them cut and clean.

5 Things In A Woman That Are A Total Turn-off For Mensource:


And just be yourself and carry your look with confidence. A confident and independent girl is very attractive. Let us know if you want to share something with us in your comment section below.


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