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You Are Brave When…

You Are Brave When…
You’re brave when you don’t feel sorry for your miserable state
No matter how pitiful you seem to the world around you.

You’re brave when you just listen to your heart, your feelings
Even when your mind tells you what you’re doing may cause you harm.


You’re brave when you decide to put your foot down
And stop being the doormat for the ignorant special some one.

You’re brave when you decide to live your dreams
Knowing what all you might have to sacrifice in the process.

You’re brave when you decide you are happy just the way you are
Irrespective what the world around wants you to be.

You’re brave when you don’t bottle up thoughts
That are meant to be expelled out to the world.


You’re brave when your ego doesn’t get hurt
To apologize to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You’re brave when you are okay with being vulnerable
No matter how much you have been hurt by others in the past.


You’re brave when you are okay with letting the world know that you are going through a difficult phase And won’t pretend to be happy just for the heck of it.

You’re brave when you’re ready to reveal your real self to the one
The one you don’t want to lose at any cost.

You’re brave when you take yourself into consideration
Before others for a change.

You are brave when you realise there are worse things in life
Than failing.


You are brave when you realise that the courage you are putting in ending your life,
The same can be used in facing the problems you’re running away from

The moment you decide nothing can bog you down
You will feel a ton times lighter.


You will be brave.

Author- Sumit Sharma
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