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Dear Depression

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Dear Depression,

My sincere apologies for answering you a bit late. Because somewhere, I was lost finding the ways out of the cobweb you tried to put me in. I had been wandering in the deepest routes of the thick forest of blooming hitches and the apprehensions going in my mind. And here I am, confronting you with all my will.


I know you love me a lot. You never leave a chance to influence me and show your affection whenever I feel alone. Earlier as a kid, I never knew who you were. I had just heard about you from the old fogey. They told me how you contributed in their lives making them stronger than ever. I never thought I would meet you this earlier and you would become an indispensable part of my life.

I still remember meeting you for the very first time. Fall had started. I expected it to pass away faster because I loved winter more than fall. I couldn’t wait any longer to finally get new woolen and sleep in the cozy silk quilt. That season did pass away quite fast, taking away with it the most precious person of my life – My Best Friend. I was sad, lonely. Thought no one could ever replace him from my life.  And that’s when I saw you coming. You replaced him. You became my best friend.


You were there with me, day and night. You didn’t let me sleep, you didn’t let me eat or do anything I wanted to. You behaved just like a buddy would do, always staying near to me. Eventually, I started thinking you were overpowering me in every aspect. That was the time I actually started thinking how to get rid of you. Then my life changed. I moved on a new path of my life leaving you behind. I made new friends and started an entire new journey. And I was happy. But somewhere I knew you were loyal at your own place. You would return back someday.


I was right. You did. You did follow me wherever I was going and you did perform your duty as a faithful one would do. You returned back again. I asked you to move out of my life. I was determined this time I won’t let you come back and mislead me again. You had made me think a lot of things I never wanted to. You started ruining my life. All you did was go away and then turn back again sometime. I was tired of watching your pendulum striking my mind back and forth. And yet, you again came back recently. And you intimidated me to my worst.


You know what, I am glad you were there. You actually showed me my worth. You showed me of what I was capable of doing. You showed me my weakest points so that I could amend them to my best. And I thank you for it. You’ve done so much for me that no one else could have done.

This time, I am sure I don’t want you in my life any more. I have those people in my life for whom I can die for, those people for whom I can loose my happiness just to see them smile. And you dear depression, thank you for not making me any stronger. Thank you for making me realise of how strong I already was. Thanks for making me realise the true worth of my life and the people who make it worth living for me.


I hope we will never meet again. A very good bye to you dear depression. You will never ever be able to influence me again. I will pray for you.



The Stronger Me

Author- Sarthak Khurana
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