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You Should Have…

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You should have told him – said the crowd around me.

You should have fought for what was yours – Said another.

Little did they know that I was on the verge of

Pouring my heart out to him.

Little did he know that he was becoming my weakness yet again.


Years, as I remember we could last face each other.

Farther, as I remember we could be ourselves.

Fine, was the last thing I said before leaving.

He could have argued but he didn’t want me to stay, so I drove away.

We could have been together but it wasn’t meant to be.

We could have continued for a while but a wind alone was enough to break us.

Years later, I saw him with a girl.

A girl, better than I could have ever been.

A girl, he could comfortably move with.

I wasn’t disappointed because she knew we could never survive

Yet I felt strange, strange that I missed him for years.

Strange, that the place still remains hollow.

I run, run as much as I can from what I feel.

It’s hard, but seems possible.


Things have changed and so has the guy

But one thing I know for sure.

The next time I would see him,

I would fall in love all over again.

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