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When heart skipped a beat

When that seed was sown, What they were to each other they had not known.
Now when the plant has fully grown, something unreasonably lovely for each other in their hearts was strongly born.
Distance separates ’em but thought binds them.
Yes they do cry, but It’s of love that they moan.


He, as his usual routine was on a walk; wasn’t finding anyone with whom he could talk-Someone who would be alluring to converse to, and make his life rock.
Brooding on his emptiness, he was just moving forth-Didn’t have an idea that just then the shackles were to broke.

In a peer there was this girl who, was singing and dancing, hopping and skipping.
Inconsiderate to that someone’s eyes she was captivating, She was in a full fledged mood of merry making.


His heart urged him-need to go and talk to her.
What if on a stranger’s entry she become vexed? Head held low and moving on would be best.
No!! The heart protested, “This is your test and I will be annoyed if you don’t do your best.”
He couldn’t deny heart’s order and to-“do it”,was decided next.

“Hey”, with the shaky palm extended and with trembling lips he did say.
For her to to come aside and respond to him, her joyous comrades gave way.

“Hello”…of that from her his expectations were bleak; But deep sigh emptied his chest when by gently shaking his palm, this word she did speak.
“I just….ahh..” Shaking with no-confidence stammering, he appeared so meek.
“You pass through everyday no ?” She knew, she did leak.
Gaining confidence from her revelation he asked if they could walk,
Of what she loved and what she liked-If they could talk.
Infinity it appeared when at that proposal, for a second or two, their eyes did lock.


Maybe she considered calmness over jovial discussion at that moment, and to walking she gave a nod.
With a deep breath, his heart became broad.
Sun was spreading it’s last golden rays and it was about to set somewhere abroad.

There was a spring in her grace when she set free walking,
Of some handsome actor, a choreographer and the world’s best singer she kept on talking.
Seeing her spirit unleash he just kept mute;
Observed her over her shoulder and appreciated those movements which were so cute.


Just then a sweet scent went flying.
Enclosed within gravel walls were these flowers everyone’s admiration who were buying.

Why are you so silent?”, She asked.

Trying to figure out how to scream out the turmoil of his heart.
How to reveal the painful pleasure that she on his heart had dart ?


“Ahhh…”,Some foolish words was he about to pursue;
“Ice cream..”, he suggested and that Ice cream man came to his rescue.

Enjoying those frozen sweetened creams they were now sitting on that orchard’s bench.
When again she enquired why was he silent?

“What he was required to say when someone beside him was so lovely and so vibrant?”,he said.
Redness on his cheeks as he spoke she accurately read.


Noticing her blush, a sunflower he did pluck and forwarded it towards her as if he was trying his luck.
Her mouth was open when she looked up.

After a moment with bright smile and in a sudden reflex that flower from his hand she did snatch.
And then ran away as fast as she could at a stretch.

Bamboozled was he to see her flee.
Unbelievable was it when she turned and screamed-“Tomorrow again we will meet.”


In joy… In joy… his one hand stretched towards heaven he started jumping in joy.


Author- Apoorv Tomar
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anik

    April 29, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    This one’s really nice!

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