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I Am A Woman…

I am a woman as hard as rock and as soft as cheese,
Who every by-walker cannot please…
I am charmed with the fragrance of the wood,
And only want a man who’ll say “I would”…


Perfect am I in my own claire,
I don’t always need a crowd to declare..


I take the charge of lives around
And try to fill it with immense love, care, respect and a bit of sound….

With me you can share the deepest secret,
But due to stomach aches I can’t promise to keep it in my pocket,


But will try to keep things under my tongue,
Rather I doubt if you will not be a cling on…
Looks like its time to part ways… so here I say,
Mr. Stranger “please stay away”.

As to how loyal and perfect my dream man should be I still pray,
And yes when he lands from his white horse …
And I will be pronounced his woman
… that’s going to make it a perfect day!





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